List your top 15 fave books


15. City of Ember

14. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

13. The Penultimate Peril

12. Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

11. Out From Boneville

10. No More Dead Dogs

9. Cold Cereal

8. The Juvie Three

7. Battle of the Labyrinth

6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

5. Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

4. The Last Olympian

3. Holes

2. Son of the Mob

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


  1. Harry Potter
  2. Les Miserables
  3. A Christmas Carol
  4. Anything written by Richard Paul Evans
  5. Sherlock Holmes


1. Garfield

2. Calvin and Hobbes

3. Hank the Cowdog

4. Captain Underpants

5. Hatchet

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

7. Charlotes Web

8. Green Eggs and Ham

9. Tales Of a Fourth Grade Nothing

10. The Looney Tunes Ultamate Visual Guide

11. The Homer Simpson Book

12. Looney Tunes comic books

13. Henry and Beezus

14. Bloom County

15. Super Fudge

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