Teleram's Supermarket Trip is the first episode of Teleram: The Series. It was written and directed by Teleram.


Teleram needs to go to the supermarket, but faces some problems.

First, a cranky old man annoys Teleram on his journey through the produce aisle.

Then, shoplifters shoplifted the yogurt and oatmeal Teleram wanted.

Finally, a pickpocket takes all of Teleram's money... ON NATIONAL FREE GROCERY DAY!


  • Doug Walker as Teleram, kid with lollipop
  • Billy West as the pickpocket, shoplifter #1, police officer, guy on street
  • Richard Steven Horvitz as shoplifter #2
  • Dan Castellenta as cashier, cranky old man


  • Man on P.A.: Attention, shoppers! Two freaks have shoplifted Cyberworld Brand Oatmeal and Cyberworld Brand Yogurt! Will somebody stop those guys?

Teleram: Those were the same guys I saw running off with the oatmeal and yogurt I was going after! Nobody gets that yogurt and oatmeal from this supermarket except... (camera zooms in close on Teleram) ME.

  • Cranky Old Man: C'mon, what are you waitin' for? (Whacks Teleram with cane)

Teleram: I'm trying to decide between 1% milk and 2% milk.


  • In the UK, the word 'crap' was replaced with 'crud'. Same goes for Australia.


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