This is what they get for heroic duty

The main hero team in Teleram: The Series, and an enemy of Mariah and Frankie.




And the Friends of the Actual TeamEdit


  • As of March 16, 2013, BNFB, Starman, and Teleram have patents on all their current and former teammates.
  • To join this team, you must not like Pokemon and you must like classic TV.
  • The original roster was:
    • BNFB, Starman, Teleram, Frankie, Wikimaster
  • But when Wikimaster died and Frankie got kicked out, it changed to:
    • BNFB, Starman, Teleram
  • After Barney Meets Bean, it was changed to:
    • BNFB, Starman, Teleram, Mr. Bean
  • Then when the first episode of Season 7 premiered, it was:
    • See "Members"

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