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Super Teleram is the 14th episode of Teleram: The Series.


One day Teleram and Doctor Bugs find a strange liquid. Rarity4President dares them to drink it, and they do. After this, they recieve super power and super strenght. They become SUPER TELERAM and his sidekick, SUPER DOCTOR BUGS. Meanwhile the evil Moehoward and his igor, MrJoshsbumstead, are planning an evil scheme. Can Super Teleram defeat them?

Meanwhile, in reality...

Rarity [standing over his coworkers' unconscious bodies]: "If they're dead, can I have their paychecks?"

[Teleram and Doctor wake up]

Doctor [groaning]: "Ah, my head..."


  • It's a dream. :P
  • In real life, Moe and Josh wouldn't be evil.