Solid Frankie
Rarityfan's visualization of Solid Frankie
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 11
Side Evil
Species Human
Franchise Real life

Solid Frankie is the main antagonist in Teleram: The Series. He wanted to be cool like Teleram and his friends, but acted so childish that he got kicked out. Oh, and did I mention he's only 11 years old??

Here's his account in the MAD Wiki: [[1]]

A Challenger AppearsEdit

For some reason, an account in the MAD wiki was created with the name "FrankCJohnsonJr" claiming he was the real Frankie. (For now on, FrankCJohnsonJr will be referred to as "Liquid Frankie" while the Frankie without the account will be referred to as "Solid Frankie") Solid Frankie saw the account and got mad at him, claiming that Liquid Frankie was either: BNFB, Mariah, Starman, or Teleram. All 4 denied the account, so Liquid Frankie (Died in 2013 by Alien X) is an unknown person. Either way, they're both idiots.

Liquid Frankie was last seen when he encountered Ben Tennyson, who has turned into Alien X at the time.



Frankie's (other) formsEdit